Fashion Design Materials

March 15, 2010

close-up photos from nature, for example pine cones, feathers, insects
printer paper
coloured pencils
fashion template

tracing paper

For templates and photos go to
Fashion templates under categories on the right of the page
Nature photos under categories on the right side of the page


Fashion design 1 Inspiration

March 15, 2010

Inspiration from  nature

Fashion Designers look for inspiration from many sources.  Nature is one of those sources:

Fashion 2 Choose a template

March 15, 2010

Click on
Fashion templates (under categories on the right side of the page)

Choose one that you like, click on it to enlarge and print it out.
Or you can draw your own figure, if you like.

Fashion 3 Choose a nature photo

March 15, 2010

For more nature photos
click on Nature Photos (under categories on the right side of the page).

Choose an interesting close-up photo of an

  • animal
  • plant or 
  • insect

Identify the elements of art in your photo 

  • color,
  • pattern,
  • textures, 
  •  shapes.

For more about the elements of art go to

Fashion 4 Rough sketches

March 15, 2010

Make some rough sketches of the elements of your photo, use the shapes, lines, colours and textures

Fashion 5 Use your drawings

March 15, 2010

Use the elements from your drawings to inspire your fashion  

Here shape is emphasized

Here colour is emphasized

Fashion 6 Colour your drawings

March 15, 2010

Use coloured pencils to add colour to your drawing.