mandalas material

May 9, 2010

bugs (or photos of bugs from blog)
ice cream bucket lid or plate
printer paper
soft pencils (like Ebony)
coloured pencils


mandala 1

May 9, 2010

Trace ice cream bucket lid onto paper. 

Neatly cut out circle.

mandala 2

May 9, 2010

Carefully fold the circle in half, then in quarters, then in eighths. Crease.


mandala 3

May 9, 2010

You might first want to do some practice drawings on other paper.

Draw on only one of the “pie slices.”   

Just use outlines.
Have the drawing touch each edge of the pie slice.

You can also use photos or real bugs.
Make your drawing simple

mandala 4 and 5

May 9, 2010

Go over lines with soft pencil For example charcoal pencil or 8B pencil or ebony pencil

Once the pie drawing is completed, fold the slice inward and then rub the back of the paper with a spoon to transfer the drawing to the next pie slice. 

mandala 6

May 9, 2010

 Go over that part of the drawing with the soft pencil Fold over this quarter of the circle and transfer the drawing to the next quarter. 

Draw the soft pencil over that quarter. Fold over to transfer to the other half of the circle. The whole circle should be filled with the design

mandala 7

May 9, 2010

 Select a color scheme. (such as primary or secondary colours) Colour using coloured pencils.

Optional: Mount on black paper when finished.