Printing Step 5 Variations

February 22, 2010

 Try printing onto different types of paper

for example:

  • newspaper
  • construction paper


  • or magazine pages.
  • For each different paper you will need to adjust the consistency of the paint.


You can print one colour over another colour.

  • Let the first colour dry before printing the second one.


You can print using white paint.

  • Print onto a dark or coloured paper for a different effect



Printing Step 4 Print

February 22, 2010
  • Press the inked plate against a piece of paper.


  • You will need to make many prints to get a good print.


  • Your paint may be too wet or too dry,
  • there may be too much paint or too little,
  • you may accidentally move the plate,
  • or you might miss some of the plate.

Printing Step 3 Ink the plate

February 22, 2010
  • Mix the tempera paint and water to about the thickness of cream.
  • Brush the paint onto the Styrofoam plate.
  • The paint will not stick well to all areas…..but….


  • …..use a piece of paper towel to rub the paint on the Styrofoam plate, until it covers better.


Printing Step 2 Making the printing plate

February 22, 2010

  • Cut out a flat section of the egg carton, leaving the curved edge for a handle.


  • With the pencil or pen draw a rectangle .
  • Press hard enough to leave an imprint.


  • Choose one of your practice drawings.
  • Draw the trees onto the foam.

Printing Step 1 Practice sketches

February 22, 2010

  •  Draw a rectangle on the paper
  • Look out the window. Are there many trees or one or two large trees?  


  • You can use photos of trees or forests if your window view is not suitable.
  •  If you see many trees, use one line for each trunk.
  • Start at the bottom and slowly draw the line for each trunk.
  • Pay attention to any small curves or changes in direction.
  •  If you see one tree, draw two lines for the trunk.
  • Then draw the lines for the largest branches.
  • Pay close attention to where branches join.
  • Do several practice sketches.

Printing materials list

February 15, 2010

Styrofoam egg carton  (or foam tray or plate- needs to have a flat, smooth surface)
printer paper
tempera paint
paper towel