Javanese puppetry

February 15, 2010

student work

all about Javanese puppets

How to make shadow puppets


Puppets materials list

February 11, 2010


•photocopy paper
•lightweight cardboard 
•pencil crayons
•glue stick
•masking tape
•yarn or string 30 cm

•18” (40 cm) sticks, twigs,
•or strips of heavy cardboard 1 cm wide
•or wrapping paper rolls

Puppets (about exaggeration)

February 11, 2010

Sometimes artists like to distort features  or exaggerate or use weird colours

This can be a lot of fun and free your creativity!


  ….things in art
do not
have to look

exactly the way they look in real life!

Puppets step 1 (the Head)

February 11, 2010

1.draw a small self portrait, just the face and hair about the size of an egg

2.exaggerate: if you want, you can make certain features larger than they should be

3.colour it with pencil crayons

4.strange colours: if you want, you can use weird colours such as blue or green

5.glue it to the light-weight cardboard

6.cut out the head

Puppets Step 2 (The Clothing)

February 11, 2010

1.find an interesting page from a magazine or other interesting paper that you would like for your clothing may help you to make a pattern drawing for your clothes and cut it out

3.the simplest shape for your clothing is a long rectangle

4.glue these clothing shapes to the cardboard and cut them out

Puppets Step 3 (the Shoes)

February 11, 2010

Shoes are optional

1.if you want

2. find another photo for your shoes

3.or you can draw shoes or bare feet

4.or find photos of shoes approximately the right size

5.glue them to the cardboard and cut them out

Puppets Step 4 (the Hands)

February 10, 2010

 Hands are also optional,  

1.if you want can cut out some hands and glue them to the clothing

3.or you can draw them

4.or you can leave out hands altogether


•when drawing hands, think of mittens

•draw a mitten shape first

•then draw the fingers