Watercolour 1 Wet paper

March 8, 2010

Paint one side of your paper with water. 

It will curl.

Paint the other side with water to flatten it out.

The paper should be shiny but not have puddles on it.


Watercolour 2 Add colour

March 8, 2010

Choose two or three contrasting colours.

Paint a stripe of each colour on the wet paper. The colours will run and bleed into each other.

A large part of this activity is letting the painting run together without interference.


 Don’t fiddle with it!

Set it aside to dry.

Try another one.

Watercolour 3 Draw a landscape

March 8, 2010

Make  some small practice drawings.


Look out the window for an idea of a rough silhouette of a landscape.

Draw a tree or some mountains or a grassy field.

Watercolour 4 Add the landscape

March 8, 2010

Make sure your northern lights painting is dry.

With a pencil, draw in a landscape at the bottom edge of your northern lights.

Use a black pen or dark paint to fill in the landscape.